Cleaning Division

MEKASA provides residential and commercial cleaning services in one convenient location.

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We offer fair pricing and excellent customer service. When you hire MEKASA for your service needs, you can be sure that experienced professionals are providing the best quality service.

Floor Care

We believe that stripping, waxing, burnishing, buffing and polishing are important parts of keeping your facilities clean and presentable. High traffic areas are prone to dirt and grit; this can give an otherwise beautiful floor an appearance that leaves a lot to be desired.Our 3 steps process which is, Stripping, Sealing and Waxing, will produce scratch and mark resistant floors while reducing soil penetration and abrasion. This will give your floors a deep rich protective glow finish. At MEKASA, professionals find the perfect solutions to your flooring needs. We use the most specialized floor techniques and top rated floor finishes and waxes to revitalizes and protect your floors.


Our floor care services include:


  • VCT Stripping and Waxing
  • Floor Scrubbing
  • VCT Burnishing
  • Floor Buffing
  • Wax Recoating


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Eco Option

We offer green cleaning which is eco friendly. We use bio-degradable products in your homes and businesses upon request. This is especially suited for those who suffer from chemical allergies and reactions, and those who want to reduce their carbon foot prints. More so, this increases the air quality of the building or property after cleaning. It is also friendly to you, your children and pets.

Residential Cleaning Service

Our residential cleaning services cover deep cleaning services for individuals. We also specialize in apartment and rental home cleaning after a tenant has moved out. Using our services, you can expect the work to be high quality. A fast turn around time ensures that you’re not losing money while waiting for the job to be completed. Email us at 

Commercial Cleaning Service

Our commercial cleaning services are available to any business. Whether you need daily, general cleaning or require something more complex, our company will provide the perfect solution. Email us at

Pressure Washing

We offer an experienced top notch pressure washing service built on the foundation of quality work, professionalism and great rates. We strive on customer care and satisfaction. If you have been looking for a trustworthy, reliable pressure washing service; our low pressure, soft washing techniques, with correct detergents provides great results with no damage to your property. We also use eco- friendly and bio-degradable products.

Our pressure washing services include:

  • Homes and Sidings
  • Wood Decks and Fences
  • Drive ways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Parking lots and Garages
  • Machines
  • Removal of Graffiti
  • Brick works.

Pressure washing services can be arranged for any home or business. We use the best equipment to ensure excellent results. Email us at 

Carpet Cleaning

We offer carpet cleaning services for both businesses and residential customers. Our experienced carpets cleaning professionals will work to remove stains and dirt, to give your carpet a clean fresh look while using products that are children and pet friendly.  Email us at

Construction Cleaning

MEKASA Services offers experienced ongoing and post construction cleaning. Our services involve providing complete cleaning of all projects, to prepare your property for occupancy. Our quality services, professionalism and experience have guaranteed a relationship with some construction companies, property management and real estate agencies.Wherever construction takes place, our cleaning services are needed. We offer both ongoing and post construction cleaning. Email us at